Various Aspects of Estate Planning: HIPPA Releases

Welcome back. We are here to discuss another aspect of estate planning that many don't often consider. It’s important to include HIPPA releases within your estate plan. When you go to the doctor, you usually need to sign a form granting individuals the right to talk with the doctor about your health or receive phone calls, documents, and more. Below, you’ll find more information about HIPPA and what it is.

  • The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was passed by Congress in 1996 to protect the medical information of patients.
  • It ensures that the patient has a choice in who has access to his or her healthcare records. It was one of the first safeguards put into place to protect personal health information. It also aims to promote more efficiency in the healthcare industry.
  • This federally mandated act was enacted to ensure certain standards are common practice nationwide among everyone in healthcare.
  • The standards are in place for employers who offer medical insurance to their employees as well.
  • The HIPAA Privacy Rule protects a patient’s health information from being released without his or her permission. It is the first of its kind.
  • It prevents other individuals from being able to ask for access to your medical records unless you have given permission to have them released.
  • Health information can include your past and current medical conditions and information about your healthcare provider and insurance.
  • The law requires that your doctor or health plan provider has a signed release form from you before they can release requested information to another party.
  • There may be a few exceptions to the rule, which could include communication between two doctors treating one patient. It can also include the information needed in order for billing problems to be resolved.

To learn more about HIPPA check back with our next blog. We will have more information about it for you. Also, if you have questions, contact our estate planning lawyer. We can set up an appointment to talk about this part of estate planning.
Are you considering estate planning? If so, congrats. We hope this information helps you decide to start estate planning today! Remember, you're never too young to start. Call now to learn more. Also, if you have missed other blogs in this series you can find a few of them here and here. Just click on the links for more information!

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