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3 More Real Estate Contract Must-Haves

Today's┬áReal Estate market is unreal; and while deals aren't moving quite as fast as they were just a few months ago, we're still seeing a lot of movement. As such, it's even more important to stay vigilant when it comes to real estate contracts. Yes, hiring a real estate agent is critical in navigating the…
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What is Earnest money and when is earnest money refundable?

What is Earnest money? The earnest money deposit is a deposit paid by the buyer when the buyer enters into an offer to purchase and contract to buy a certain piece of real property. The amount of the Earnest Money Deposit typically ranges from one to two percent of the purchase price. This deposit is…
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3 Real Estate Contract Must-Haves

Real Estate can quickly turn from exciting to complicated, especially in today's market. Hiring a real estate agent and finding your perfect home is fun, but the process of making an offer and getting financed can leave you a little overwhelmed if you haven't been through it before (and even if you have, it's still…
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What is the Due Diligence Period in North Carolina?

What is the Due Diligence Period in North Carolina? The due diligence period is a time for the buyer to make important decisions, test the quality of the home, and ultimately decide whether or not to buy or to walk away. The due diligence period in North Carolina is a negotiation in the offer to…
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