The Pitfalls of Writing Your Own Will

A will is one of the most important documents that we will ever sign, this is your legacy and final wishes for your family, friends, church, or favorite social organizations and charities. Many people have written their own wills believing they are saving money by not hiring an attorney in Raleigh NC. This can actually…
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The Dangers Of Implied Renunciation

Working with an estate lawyer in Cary NC can be very beneficial for both you and your family. There are a variety of issues that can arise when it comes to Administrators and implied renunciation Dangers of Implied Renunciation | Estate Lawyer Cary NC Eldreth Law Firm, PC was contacted by an heir who was…
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Do I Need A Bond?

A bond, in the simplest terms, is a type of insurance policy designed to protect the assets of the estate in case of intentional or unintentional misuse by the personal representative (Executor or Administrator). Do I Need A Bond? | Estate Planning in Raleigh NC If a person dies without leaving a will (intestate) and…
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