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Understanding Ownership of Property After a Death in Cary

What happens when a family member passes away while owning real estate? This is a common question in Cary, North Carolina, and the answer depends on a number of factors. Today we'll discuss several things you should consider as it relates to property ownership following a death in the family. Let's start with an example.…
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Unregistered Trademarks in North Carolina

Are there any advantages to having unregistered trademarks in North Carolina? While there are certainly many advantages to having a registered trademark, which we will discuss in another issue, many of our clients question if it's really necessary to have registered trademarks in Cary, NC. Today we'll discuss what it means to have an unregistered…
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Who is an Executor and What are Their Duties?

Are you considering creating an Estate Plan soon? If so, one of the most critical roles you should fill lies in choosing an executor. An executor is a person that will take care of your affairs and estate plan following your death. They are ultimately responsible for collecting data and information pertaining to your estate…
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#1 Reason to Create a Living Will in Raleigh, NC

When it comes to medical treatment, everyone has an opinion. Unfortunately, those opinions are often left on the discussion floor rather than put into writing. A Living Will is the best way to make your requests for medical treatment and wishes for end-of-life care legal. If you're ready to start planning a Living Will, be…
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