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6 Things You Should Know About Articles of Incorporation in NC

Starting a business can be a scary thing. However, we also believe it can be quite fun and satisfying when it's done right. However, "done right" means having everything in order before opening your doors.  While the idea of owning your business may seem like little more than getting the work and doing the work,…
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3 Must-Have Details to Include in Your Raleigh Business Plan

Now is a great time to consider starting a new business in the Raleigh/Durham area. However, before you take the first step, you should take a moment or two to write a business plan. In fact, your Raleigh Business Attorney insists that you take this critical step. Consider this - without a defined business plan,…
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Why You Should Implement Operating Agreements Within Your Small Business

Are you considering going into business with family or friends? Have you already organized your LLC or are you starting from the beginning? Whether you have a partnership type of arrangement or you have multiple members in your LLC, an operating agreement may very well become your new best friend. While we'd love to believe…
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