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Category Archives: Copyright Law

The Best Way to Prevent Copyright Infringement | Raleigh Copyright Lawyer

  Raleigh Copyright Lawyer: Preventing Copyright Infringement Copyright Infringement typically involves copying or using the intellectual property of another party, without having permission to do so. While intellectual property law protects the creative expression of your ideas, it does not protect the idea itself. In order to get protection for your ideas, you must express your creativity in a tangible Continue Reading

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Should Your Website have a Copyright Notice?

You’ve likely visited a website or social media page, and noticed the copyright symbol along the footer, sidebar, photograph, graphic or blog post directly. Copyright notices are published in a variety of manners, but are they legal? Better question - should you be including a copyright notice on your website? Today we'll discuss everything you…
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5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Copyright Attorney in Raleigh

If you're a creator, meaning that you "create" art, music, writing, etc., you should absolutely consider hiring a copyright attorney. However, be wary of hiring just anyone. Not all attorneys are well versed in copyright law. Nor are all attorneys experienced in helping clients enforce their rights against those who are infringing upon their copyrighted…
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4 Ways to Prevent and Stop Copyright Infringement

If you do any sort of creative work (including writing, photography or music), then you likely have explored registering a copyrights to protect your intellectual property (IP) from being stolen or used without your permission. However, what happens when the steps you've taken to protect your work are infringed upon? Today we'll discuss how to…
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