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A Closer Look at Real Estate Law in Cary, NC

Cary, North Carolina, is often recognized for its quality of life and thriving community; and in recent years it's become a hotspot for real estate investment and homeownership. As the real estate market in Cary continues to flourish, it's essential for both buyers and sellers to understand the legal nuances that govern property transactions in…
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Terminating Parental Rights in Cary, NC

The termination of parental rights in North Carolina is a serious legal matter and can only be done in specific circumstances. Generally, parental rights can only be terminated in situations where it is in the best interests of the child. With that in mind, today we'll discuss 5 steps to terminating parental rights in Cary,…
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Tenant Rights in Cary, NC

As a tenant in North Carolina, it's important to know your rights in order to protect yourself from unscrupulous landlords and unfair treatment. North Carolina has specific laws in place to protect tenants, but it's up to you to educate yourself on these laws to ensure that your rights are upheld. Here are some key…
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What is the role of an escrow agent in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, the role of an escrow agent is typically not involved in real estate transactions. Instead, the state follows a different approach to handling real estate closings compared to some other jurisdictions. Today's post will discuss what the role of an escrow agent in North Carolina is and how it relates to the…
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