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Update Your Beneficiaries

Failing to update your beneficiaries, or neglecting to name them altogether, may leave life insurance and retirement accounts to unplanned heirs. It can also create probate expenses and cause tax issues. You may have a solid will in place, but sometimes that will not help avoid these issues. The best safeguard is to contact an estate attorney to assist you in Continue Reading

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Estate Lawyer Raleigh NC: Keeping Your Estate Plan Updated

Estate Lawyer Raleigh NC: Revisit your plan! Estate planning is an important part of life that we’ve talked about regularly on our Eldreth Law Firm, PLLC blog. We’ve gone over the ins and outs of how one should properly plan his or her estate. We’ve also talked on how you may want to proceed with your a will and trusts. Continue Reading

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Estate Planning in Raleigh NC: Power of Attorney

Estate Planning in Raleigh, NC: The "Power of Attorney" A "Power of Attorney" is a written document that might be used when a person would like to allow another adult to handle their financial and/or property matters. A power of attorney, because it can be viewed as a legal document, is a component of Raleigh estate planning everyone should understand Continue Reading

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