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Entertainment and Media Law

Entertainment and media laws govern the entertainment industry, as well as, the professionals and businesses within it. Any production company or producer that manages entertainers knows there are many legal issues that come along with the job such as talent contracts, crew contracts, union compliance, location agreements, and licensing of intellectual property. Our Raleigh NC media law and entertainment lawyer is the only attorney in North Carolina who has a decade of actual experience as a film and television producer, dealing directly with these issues. His credit list contains shows with companies such as NBC, TBS, and HBO. His projects have ranged from low-budget independent feature films to television budgets in the millions. Let Justin pave the way for your production, putting out fires before they start, while you stay creative. If you're an entertainer or someone who works in the industry, contact our experienced Raleigh, NC entertainment lawyers today to protect yourself, your projects and your career.

Location Agreements

There is nothing more stressful for a producer than arriving to set at a dark-thirty call time only to find your location locked or inaccessible. If you are scheduling a location shoot for any type of film or movie, you should heavily consider having a proper location agreement finalized beforehand. Location agreements aren't as simple as you may think, but having a legal location agreement, signed by the location owners, can make filming your movie on the owner's property as simple as possible. Some movie investors require you to have a legal, signed location agreement in place for all of your locations before they invest in your film company. To ensure a smooth shoot for your film, take the time to speak with Justin about a location agreement.

Music Licensing

As a musician, licensing your music is a great way to make money from your art. The first step is to obtain copyright protection for your music. Once your songs are protected, they can be licensed for use in movies, commercials, TV, and even video games. Your songs can even be licensed for recording and performance by other musicians. To be sure that you're music is protected, allow an entertainment attorney with experience in the music industry evaluate potential deals and take the steps necessary to license your music properly. By doing things correctly, and within the law, we can help to ensure that your creation remains yours and that you are always credited with the art you create.

As a film producer, you know that music sets the scene on levels that images cannot. The right soundtrack is crucial; as is a licensing agreement for the music you intend to use in your film. Be sure to contact Eldreth Law Firm, PLLC for more information on licensing music for your next project. We're trusted entertainment lawyers with tons of real-world experience.

Screen Actors Guild Compliance

SAG compliance is a must for a film production above a certain budget level. Your production company becoming a SAG signatory means complying with the collective bargaining agreement, which establishes compensation, benefits, working conditions and more for the actors and musicians that you intend to hire. Compliance with the Screen Actors Guild is a way to ensure that your talent is top notch and your film will be well received. To learn more about those regulations and compliances, feel free to contact Eldreth Law Firm, PLLC, to see if joining SAG is right for you.

For actors and musicians, joining SAG is an accomplishment and a point of pride. Being SAG talent not only shows the industry that you have proven your skills on screen, it ensures certain base line minimums in your contract with a production company. SAG actors are guaranteed certain payments for your contributions to a film or television show and additional payment into retirement and benefits programs. To learn more about the benefits of becoming union talent, feel free to contact Eldreth Law Firm, PLLC, to see if joining SAG is right for you.

Talent Contracts

Whether you're an aspiring actor or agency hired to represent an actor, talent contracts are important for defining the working relationship you hold with either. Talent contracts ensure that miscommunications do not happen. Being represented by an agency that has your best interest in mind can make your career. Be smart and have a written, legal talent contract created that both parties agree upon. The contract will allow your relationship with actor or agency run smoothly and efficiently. To consider your talent contract options, contact us today for more information.

Crew Contracts

Production crews are an important part of making a movie, presenting a play, or any other show. In order to ensure your crew follows through with production needs, a crew contract or deal memo must be in place. Having your crew sign a deal memo or contract guarantees that they are aware of their duties and what it will take to fulfill them. Without a proper contract in place, issues can arise and complicate production. To have crew contracts written up for your production, contact us today. We can schedule a consultation and have the contracts created and legalized before your productions starts.


Intentional, false communications in film, television, and music are more common than you might think. Not only could it harm a person's career, it could cause your audience to lose respect for you, your company, or your art. In addition, it may be a violation of law. As an artist or entertainer, you have a right to speak freely and expressively about topics of your choice, but these freedoms should be weighed against the rights of others not to be defamed. Writers and producers in particular should take precautions to prevent from defaming other persons. Contact us today to review your options on how to handle a defamation matter. Having the right entertainment lawyer could mean all the difference in the world when it comes to your defamation case.

If you have been defamed, you have a right to defend your name and reputation. Because defamation can be a criminal and/or civil charge, you may have the right to sue or recover damages due to slander or libel. Should you fall victim of defamation, feel free to contact us as soon as it happens. We can do what it takes to uphold your reputation and good name.

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