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Estate Law, Planning and Probate

Eldreth Law Firm, PLLC can help you with Raleigh NC estate planning. This includes trusts, wills and probate. The purpose of estate planning is to ensure that your assets end up in the hands of those that you wish after you've passed. You can also reduce the amount of taxes paid on the money by having a proper estate plan in place. It will ease the duties of family members after you're gone. Often times, there can be many complications with your finances, if you aren't around to settle the disputes. With an estate plan, those issues may be properly mitigated. Your family may be in a much better place to deal with your passing if you have a plan in place. All of your assets need to be divided and distributed to your heirs. Along with an estate plan, you may need to plan for probate services. Probate services take care of your properties, including savings accounts and possessions, for the successors, dependents and named beneficiaries. Without probate services, these activities can become a difficult task for said beneficiaries. If you need assistance with estate planning or probate proceedings, contact us and set up an appointment with our Raleigh, NC estate lawyers to get started.

Wills | Experienced Probate and Estate Attorneys

Everyone should have a will. A will is a written document that gives instructions on leaving your assets to those that you wish to leave them to. In your will, you specifically name individuals and list what you want them to have. Without one, your possessions, money, land, and other things can be left to someone you didn't approve of. Most people underestimate the worth of their estate and overestimate the ability of others to handle it. It can be troublesome for others to deal with. Aside from the financial aspect of a will, choosing how you'd like to be buried can be spelled out specifically. If you need a will and aren't sure where to start, contact our experienced Raleigh, NC probate lawyers. We can steer you in the right direction and have your will documented and executed. Don't let someone else decide who benefits from your assets.

Trusts | Estate Planning

A trust can be an important estate planning tool. It allows you to transfer ownership of your property to a trustee. The trustee will gain management of the property. This can benefit you and others, greatly. Picking a trustee is a serious decision and shouldn't be made lightly. Creating a trust and writing a trust document should be treated just as seriously. Not having the proper legalized trust document can result in costly issues for others, once you are gone. Be sure to consult our estate planning attorneys to ensure your trust and trustee are taken care of in a proper, legal way.

Living Wills and Healthcare Power of Attorney

Just as everyone should have a will; one should also have a living will. Assigning a family member or friend to power of attorney, in case one must be bound to healthcare, indefinitely, is also important. A living will consists of a written statement concerning one's medical treatment desires, in case they are no longer able to do so themselves. If you wish to manage your final illness or leave legal documentation on health care instructions, then you may need a living will. If you want to allow someone to make health care decisions for you when you become unable to do so yourself, you may appoint a healthcare power of attorney to make those decisions based on their best judgment or on the terms you've specifically outlined within the will. Medical care direction is important to you. Sit down with an attorney at Eldreth Law Firm, PLLC, and put your wishes in place.

Durable Power of Attorney | Estate Lawyer in Raleigh, NC

Power of attorney must be obtained by a legal, written authorization. This authorization allows one to represent or act on another's behalf in private affairs, business, or any other legal matter. There are several different types of power of attorney. To decide which is best for you, and to receive assistance in writing your power of attorney document, contact one of our Raleigh, NC estate attorneys today. We will ensure that your authorizations are legal and designed to meet your specific needs.

Closing of Estates | Planning and Legal Aspects

As an executor or administrator of an estate, closing the actual estate can be a tough, complicated process. Filing final taxes, estate taxes, forms, accounting, and other processes are needed to close out the estate. In order to legally distribute the assets, all those processes must be properly settled. If the processes are not properly conducted and finalized, the executor or administrator may be held liable. Oftentimes, settling an estate is complicated. At Eldreth Law Firm, PLLC, we provide the services necessary to help you close an estate in a timely and efficient manner.

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