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Problems That May Arise When Naming a Guardian for Your Child, Part Four

Welcome back to part four of our series. Our estate lawyers in Cary NC are here to talk further about problems that can occur when naming a guardian for your children. Today, we are focusing on things to consider before naming someone.

Things to Consider | Estate Lawyers in Cary NC

Consider the age of the guardian in five or ten years. Will he or she still be able to take care of your children then? This is especially important if you are considering asking your own parents to take custody. Will they be able to care for your children until they are of legal age?
If your children are old enough to understand, you may want to talk to them about what you are doing to see if they have input to offer. Children over 14 could have the right to ask for a different guardian, depending on the state where you live. A judge would factor in their wishes along with other circumstances.
When making this important decision, have a long talk with the person you want to be your children’s guardian. You want to make sure he or she fully understands what you are asking so that you can be confident in your decision. Keep in mind though, that if situations change, or if you change your mind down the line, you can always adjust your will and name someone else.

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We hope this information helps you when choosing a guardian for your child. If you need further information, do visit back with the following blog posts in this series:


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