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Do I Need an Entertainment Lawyer?

In this series, we have covered the basics of entertainment law, from defining what it is to learning more about what an attorney does in this area of law. Now you may be wondering if you need an entertainment lawyer in Charlotte NC. Let’s take a look at reasons why you may need one.

Do I Need an Entertainment Lawyer in Charlotte NC?

Entertainment lawyers represent people in the industry when it comes to transactions such as contracts or agreements. They also handle lawsuits and other litigation.
This area of law is often divided into the following subcategories:

  • Film
  • Multimedia
  • Music
  • Publishing
  • TV and Radio
  • Theatre
  • Visual Arts and Design

If you work in any of these fields and have questions regarding legal matters, you may benefit from speaking with an entertainment lawyer.
An artist, writer, or musician may have questions about their work and how to protect it from being reproduced without their permission, or they may have questions about how to license their work for profit. An entertainment lawyer can help someone copyright a work, if needed, and can also review contracts before they are signed.
Film producers may need help optioning a film, negotiating contracts with talent and crew, or drafting a contract for locations. They may also need to see if they are compliant with the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), which regulates the working conditions for actors. An entertainment attorney can advise on these matters and more in the area of film production.
People who work in multimedia may not think they could benefit from talking with an entertainment lawyer, but their creations fall under the same guidelines as art, music, and film. Software can be copyrighted in order to protect it from duplication. Video game developers may need to protect their characters from unauthorized use.
Those who work in publishing may need help creating contracts for their authors and may be able to use the input from an entertainment lawyer. They may also need help if they are targeted in a defamation lawsuit, which is when someone alleges that false statements were said or written about them. Publishers can also talk with an entertainment attorney to establish guidelines on how to best avoid defamation claims.
A company who works with artists, musicians, and writers may need help from an entertainment lawyer when it comes to negotiating deals such as work for hire agreements, optioning rights, purchase agreements, and other types of contracts involving the use of a creative work.
Someone who has had creative work stolen but does not know how to proceed can talk with an entertainment lawyer to see what steps he or she should take next. This area of law also includes intellectual property law, which protect a person’s work from being stolen or used without permission.
A person or company in the entertainment field being sued over something related to work they are using, contracts that were negotiated or a defamation claim may want to speak with an entertainment lawyer to see their options.
If you have decided you need an entertainment lawyer, call our entertainment lawyer in Charlotte NC at Eldreth Law Firm. We can help you with any needs you have pertaining to entertainment law including contracts, licensing and defamation issues.

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