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FAQs of Guardianship for Adults, continued

Welcome back. We are here to discuss more FAQs about guardianship. This can be a complicated matter to understand without help from a guardianship lawyer in Raleigh NC. Before moving on, be sure to visit with our previous blog to learn more. We have other information that can help you, as well.

FAQ | Guardianship Lawyer in Raleigh

How do I become a guardian?
If you have a loved one who cannot care for him or herself, you can apply for guardianship. You must first file a petition with the local court explaining the person has limited abilities to make decisions. He or she will be notified of the hearing and has the right to have a guardianship lawyer in Raleigh NC present. The judge will decide whether the person is incompetent and needs a guardian.
Who pays for the care of the ward?
If a ward has finances that cover his or her care, then those are used. A guardian is not required to pay for the care of the ward. However, in some cases the ward may not have funds to use so many times family members will offer assistance.
Is a guardianship permanent?
A guardianship can become void if the person becomes capable of making his or her own decisions again. In the case of an elderly person, this is not expected to occur. However, if someone is incapacitated due to an illness and he or she recovers from it, a guardianship may no longer be needed.
Where can I get more answers?
Not all cases are alike. If you have specific questions about guardianship, call the office of Eldreth Law Firm to talk with a lawyer who has experience in this area of law.

Guardianship Lawyer in Raleigh NC

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