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Understanding Legal Terms, Part One

Sometimes, working with a lawyer in Raleigh NC can be overwhelming and confusing. With legal terms and phrases, it's also sometimes hard to understand them during a conversation. Thankfully, there are a few ways to better understand what is being said during a consultation with your lawyer. Below, you will find a list of important words and their definitions.
Credibility is the word often used both in a quart room, as well as, during a consultation with the lawyer. This word simply means that whatever is being said is believable. Credibility means that whoever is speaking is trustworthy and honest when explaining themselves or their side of the story. As we well know, there are two sides to every story. This word is meaningful when working with a lawyer.
Incredible means that the information being told is not honest or believable. Often times, this word will be used in a courtroom. Incredible might be confused with a positive adjective, but in this case, incredible means not credible.
Our lawyer in Raleigh NC understands that this process can be quite confusing. We hope this information helps you better understand legal terms you might need to know. For more information please visit back with our next blog post. There you will find more information.
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