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What is the benefit of filing a trademark cancellation?

Are you considering filing a trademark cancellation, but wonder if doing so would pose unnecessary consequences? The decision to cancel a trademark should not be entered into lightly. While the concept is simple, the procedure may be longer than you expected it to be. With that in mind, today we'll unpack what cancelling a trademark…
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What to do After Obtaining a Civil Judgment?

Congratulations! You just won a civil judgment, but we cannot celebrate yet because your job is not done and there are more steps that you have to take. Not sure where to start? Read on as we discuss what to do after obtaining a civil judgment. What is a Civil Judgment? When you receive a…
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4 Things Not To Do When It Comes To Estate Planning For Seniors

While we truly believe that estate planning is important at any stage of life, it's absolutely necessary for seniors. Not only have retirees accrued assets over the course of their life that they want to leave to family, but they also tend to have clearly defined ideas about how they want to live the rest…
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