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Estate Lawyer in Raleigh NC: Should I Trust An Attorney?


Estate Lawyer in Raleigh NC: We are here to help!

Should I trust an Estate Lawyer in Raleigh NC? That's a great question. At Eldreth Law Firm, we want to be sure that you trust the right attorney, especially when it comes to managing the details of your estate. Attorneys get a bad reputation sometimes, but the truth is that an honest attorney will do so much more good than bad. You simply need to know when to trust one. As such, in this post and a few after, we will give you lots of reasons as to why you should trust your Estate lawyer in Raleigh.

Why is an Estate Lawyer in Raleigh important?

There are a lot of opinions as to whether or not hiring attorney in Raleigh is worth the expense or effort. Furthermore, many people aren’t sure what an estate planning attorney is, what they do, or if they need one. While attorneys are important, we find that hiring the right attorney can make or break a case.

Hiring the right attorney can help you reduce the consequences of your violation. They can even help you through troubled times like divorce, adoption, and other serious times like purchasing a home. Without the help of a preferred attorney in Raleigh NC, your chances of getting through your troubled time may be impossible.

What does an Estate Lawyer in Raleigh do?

However, not every legal matter even requires an attorney.  An Estate Lawyer in Raleigh NC guides you through the ins and outs of the estate planning process to ensure that your wishes will be followed.

At Eldreth Law Firm, your Estate Lawyer in Raleigh works with you—and, at times, tax professionals and financial advisors—to create a customized estate plan based on your individual needs. Depending on the circumstances, we may assist you with tasks such as:

  • Preparing a will or other estate planning documents
  • Identifying your beneficiaries
  • Establishing limited and/or durable power of attorney
  • Creating advanced healthcare directives and plans for long-term care
  • Establishing trust to protect your assets before and after your passing
  • Working with your financial advisor
  • Avoiding the probate process

Giving your estate attorney a chance to help you with your situation is a decision you have to make on your own. Most courts suggest that you have one. They'll even appoint one for you, should you be unable to afford one. In our next two posts, you will read great reasons to trust an attorney at law. You won't be sorry you hired an attorney in Raleigh NC after reading our next few posts. Be sure to check back with us in the next few days!

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