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Category Archives: Estate Attorney Raleigh NC

4 Things Not To Do When It Comes To Estate Planning For Seniors

While we truly believe that estate planning is important at any stage of life, it's absolutely necessary for seniors. Not only have retirees accrued assets over the course of their life that they want to leave to family, but they also tend to have clearly defined ideas about how they want to live the rest…
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3 More Estate Planning Tips for Unmarried Couples in North Carolina

If you've been following along, last week we started a conversation around why you should create an estate plan if you're unmarried. While being married certainly comes with a number of legal benefits, we find that married and unmarried couples alike should be able to protect their loved ones and their assets should they pass…
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Including a Pet Trust Within Your Estate Plan

Pets are a huge part of so many people’s lives. As such, many pet owners want to ensure that if they die or become incapacitated in any way, that their pets will be well taken care of. A pet trust, often including within the estate planning process, provides that peace of mind pet owners desire…
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How to Navigate a Testamentary Trust (Trust Under Will)

Managing a distribution from your estate to minors, adults with special needs, or people who have challenges managing money can be daunting. Each of these categories of recipients comes with its own challenges. However, with proper planning in place, we can help you navigate the Testamentary Trust process which allows you to leave distributions to…
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