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Category Archives: Probate Lawyer Raleigh NC

8 Reasons You Should Create a Will: Probate Laywer Raleigh NC

Probate Lawyer Raleigh NC: 8 Reasons You Should Create a Will As we've mentioned before, a will is often something people think about (and think about often), but never take the steps to create. And, while we've written posts regarding what a will is and why they are important in the past, this post will specifically discuss the probate process Continue Reading

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Do You Have a Valid Will in Existence?

Do You Have a Valid Will? | Lawyer in Raleigh NC Did you know that close to 70% of Americans do not have a valid will in existence? Though that might not come as a shock to some, many individuals understand how important it is to have their affairs in order, in the event of their untimely death. Having a Continue Reading

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What is the difference between the Administrator of an Estate and an Executor of an Estate?

Attorney in Raleigh NC: The Difference Between the Administrator of an Estate and an Executor of an Estate During a probate process there is either an executor or an administrator. These positions will take care of an estate, after the court considers a will as valid.   It’s important to know the definition of both executor and administrator.  Though each role is very similar, Continue Reading

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