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Category Archives: Small Business Lawyer Raleigh NC

Expensive Small Business Mistakes to Avoid in 2021 Part 1

With unemployment numbers continuing to rise, many people are considering starting their own small businesses in 2021 with the overwhelming goal to finally make some money and pay their bills. As such, in the process of starting a small business, entrepreneurs may try to cut costs to maximize their net profit. For example, legal services…
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Ways to Avoid an Advertising Scam

If you've been subject to an advertising scam, contact our attorney in Raleigh NC at Eldreth Law Firm PC for legal advice. In a previous post, our attorney in Raleigh NC talked about what an advertising scam is. Today, we’d like to focus on ways you can avoid being taken advantage of should you happen to be subjected to an advertising Continue Reading

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Reasons to Hire a Small Business Lawyer

Owning a business can be a complicated process. Along with legal requirements, a business owner can run into litigation, disputes, and more.  It’s often a good idea to hire a small business lawyer to help you plan for situations like these that may arise. For any situation that might have a lawful impact on your business a lawyer in Raleigh NC Continue Reading

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Why Trust a Small Business Lawyer Raleigh NC

Small Business Lawyer Raleigh NC: Trust Below are 5 more great reasons why you should trust a lawyer. Be sure to contact Eldreth Law Firm today for more info on their services. If you didn't catch our initial post with other great reasons on why you should trust a lawyer, go back and read here. 1.  You're not sure how Continue Reading

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