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Checklist for Executors, Part One

Have you been appointed as executor of an estate that is in the process of being probated? If so, you may be feeling stressed and overwhelmed at all you should be doing. Here, you’ll find a checklist of things to do so that you can work productively without worrying that something has fallen through the cracks. If you have any questions, contact our probate attorney in Raleigh NC.
To begin, it’s important to get several copies of the death certificate. You may need to provide a copy to multiple organizations as well as the probate court. Having several on hand will make things easier.
If there was an obituary in the local newspaper or other articles written about the deceased, make copies of those, as well. They can be used for proof of death in instances where one or more items are needed for proof.
Make an appointment with the estate lawyer your loved one worked with on their estate plan. You might have to meet with them more than once, but scheduling an initial consultation is a great place to start.
There may be letters issued by the court that will show you are authorized to administer the contents of the will. These could be needed in a number of instances and will be great to have on hand. You may choose to keep them with the death certificates and other documents you’ll be collecting along the way.
If your loved one had a safe deposit box, make an appointment to check it. You may need to bring along authorization of administration in the will as well as a death certificate and a photo ID.
Make a list of heirs to the estate. Also be sure to include another list of next of kin and beneficiaries. Sometimes, heirs and beneficiaries may differ, depending on the situation.
You may need a copy of the deceased’s birth certificate and/or marriage certificate. Be sure to have copies of these made so that you’ll have them to use when needed.
These are just a few of the things you’ll need to complete your duties as an executor. Instead of getting overwhelmed and stressed about this situation, follow our checklist to help you get everything done. Also, contact our probate attorney in Raleigh NC to make your first appointment.
To learn more, head over to our next blog post. You’ll find a continuation of our executor’s checklist there.
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