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Checklist for Executors, Part Three

Welcome back. We are here to continue our discussion on things executors should do in the event that their loved one has passed. This checklist of items to complete might seem long and overwhelming. However, it’s important to remember that following the list can help you ensure everything gets done. In addition, our lawyer can help you as well. There will be time to schedule a meeting at our law firm. We have those times listed in the checklist. If at any time you have questions or concerns for our probate lawyer in Cary NC, feel free to call us.
Any insurances that can be filed for and collected should be handled by the executor. This includes, accident, travel, health, medical, life, disability, car, homeowners, and credit.
If there were any retirement pensions, benefits, or annuities, those companies and organizations should be notified of the death.
If your loved one was in the military, locate the records of service and keep them on hand. You should also notify the military of the death. Then, you’ll be able to file for benefits of veterans, survivor benefits if applicable, and other factors regarding burial and funeral proceedings.
Recent tax returns should be located and kept on hand in case there are any questions about filings or money owed to the IRS. If any debts are due to the deceased, work towards collecting those.
Medicare, the Social Security Administration, and any banks or other financial institutes should be notified of the death. Social Security benefits should be filed for, as well as any union or association benefits if applicable. There might also be fraternal or employer benefits to file for.
Creditors and credit card companies should be notified of the death. Cancel any and all credit card accounts, and change any joint credit card accounts. Payments to creditors should be made.
Stockbrokers should be notified of the death. All bonds, stocks, and mutual funds should be taken care of and any joint owned accounts should have the ownership transferred.
A new bank account should be opened to hold any money from the estate that may come in from debts owed, property sold, or other assets that may be sold. In addition, stock dividends, rental checks, and any other money that comes in as owed to the deceased can be deposited into this account.
Any automobiles that were owned by the deceased should be sold or have the title transferred to the beneficiary named in the will. Real estate that was owned in joint tenancy should be transferred to the surviving tenant.
We know how difficult this time can be when dealing with your loved one’s passing as well as fulfilling your executor’s duties. That’s why we have this checklist for you to reference during this time. For more information, be sure to head over to our next installment of this series.

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