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Child Custody: An Overview

Those that are going through a divorce have a lot on their plate. Separating a life together is stressful and overwhelming. One thing that can make it more difficult is if the couple shares a child or children together. The process of determining child custody is very difficult, it can be overwhelming to decide who takes the children full-time vs part time.

Types of Custody | Lawyer in Raleigh NC

  • Sole Custody - Only one parent has full custody of the child.
  • Joint Custody - Parents share custody of the child.
  • Legal Custody - Allows parents to make decisions that are based upon the child’s well being.
  • Physical Custody - The determination of where a child lives and why.
  • Grandparent Visitation and Custody - Grandparents seek custody of their grandchildren.

Over the course of the next several blog posts, our child custody lawyer in Raleigh is going to take time to discuss each and every type of custody listed above. With this information, you should gain a better understanding of each matter.
Below, you’ll find links to each of the blog posts we have in this series. Be sure to read over each one and contact our lawyer in Raleigh NC, should you have any questions.

If you need more information on any of the topics above or are considering a divorce, and need help with child custody or child support, contact our child custody lawyer in Raleigh. We will set up a consultation with you to talk more about your options.
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