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Child Custody Part 4: Physical Custody

While there are various types of child custody, the situation at hand will determine which type of custody is granted to parents during a court hearing. There are specific factors that go into play when the court is deciding who should be awarded custody and who will help make decisions for the child. Working out an agreement for visitation can be quite time consuming, as well.

Physical Custody | Child Custody Lawyer in Raleigh NC

In the past few blog posts we’ve talked about sole, joint and legal custody. Today, we are going to talk about physical custody and what it means.
The parent that children live with on a regular basis has physical custody of them. While physical custody can be shared by each parent, it can also only be awarded to one parent. Depending on the situation the parents are in at the time, divorcing or co-parenting, will determine how the custody is ordered.
Joint physical custody means that the child can live with both parents in a shared schedule. Oftentimes this is difficult for parents to handle. Depending on where the parents live separately, will determine whether or not this situation will work.
Working with a child custody lawyer in Raleigh NC is suggested during a custody hearing. The rules and regulations of custody change all the time. It’s something that you might not be able to navigate successfully without help. An attorney can help you gain a better understanding of the complexities.
If you are involved in a divorce and need help with custody issues and child support matters, consider contacting our child custody lawyer in Raleigh NC. While you might be able to deal with this alone, you shouldn’t have to. This time can be difficult, overwhelming and emotional. Eldreth Law Firm, PLLC is here to help.

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