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Child Custody Proceedings for Unwed Fathers Part 1

Proceedings for Unwed Fathers | Attorney in Raleigh NC

Are you an unwed father hoping to reach a visitation or child custody agreement with your child’s mother? If so, you might want to consider working with a child custody attorney in Raleigh NC, first thing. Having someone on your side that understands the laws and regulations might help you reach an outcome that works best for all involved; especially the children.
Over the next several blog posts, our lawyer is going to take time to walk you through each step of the proceedings so that you’ll have a better understanding of what to expect when the time comes. Today, we are going over the first step of the overall process.

File a Petition for Child Custody or Visitation

Often, the first phase of a child custody or visitation proceeding is filing a petition. This petition is a document that will include what you’re requesting. You should include that you’re an unwed father hoping to gain access to your child in a way that is in the child’s best interest. If you are planning to request visitation, custody or both, you’ll document it here, as well.
Custody and visitation aren’t the same thin. If you missed our previous blog series talking about all the different types of custody and visitation, be sure to visit back with them, below, to get a better understanding of what each is.

For more information about child custody proceedings for unwed fathers, be sure to visit back with us in our next blog post. To take a look back at other blogs in this series, click on the links below:

If you need more information on any of the topics above, or are considering a divorce, and need help with child custody or child support, contact our attorney in Raleigh NC. We will set up a consultation with you to talk more about your options.

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