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Child Custody Proceedings for Unwed Fathers Part 4

Are you an unwed father hoping to gain visitation or some type of custody of your child or children? If so, there are several things that should take place during the filing proceedings. Below, you’ll find a quick list of things to do that might help you. Over the course of the past two blog posts, we’ve been going over the steps that should be taken. Today, we are going over the final step.  If you need to ask questions, feel free to contact our Raleigh child custody lawyer.

Final Decree | Raleigh Child Custody Lawyer

This term might sound inaccurate for family law, because child custody cases are never final until the children involved have turned eighteen and moved out of the home they shared with their parents.
Those that are awarded visitation but find that circumstances have changed on the other parent’s end, can petition to have the court modify the final decree. In this instance, you might be awarded custody at some point.
While courts prefer a stable arrangement, they’ll consider modifications to agreements when it is deemed to be in the child’s best interest.
The overall process of child custody or visitation filing and hearings can take several months. Making sure you have time to spend, one-on-one with your child will make this process easier and worth it. If you’re interested in talking with our Raleigh child custody lawyer to help you get started with filing, please feel free to contact us.
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