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Differences in Talent Agents and Talent Managers

Chances are, you’ve heard of talent agents and managers and often assume they’re the same things. Though they might seem interchangeable as terms, the two are different. While there are some similarities, our Wilmington NC entertainment lawyer is here to help you understand the differences.

Talent Manager vs. Talent Agent | Wilmington NC Entertainment Lawyer

A talent agent and/or talent manager can be great for helping you grow a career in music, TV, and film much more so than if you were to try to break into the industry alone. However, some states have laws that regulate talent agents and agencies that they may work for. These regulations deal with commission rates, licenses for talent agents in the state they are working in and posting bonds.
While talent agents and agencies are regulated by the state, talent managers may have more leniency. For example, talent agents may not be regulated by the state in terms of commission. You might find that the talent manager you are considering working with could have higher charges for their commission. In addition, talent managers may not be restricted to business arrangement types with clients in the way that talent agents could be.
Talent agents work to promote their clients and represent them while working with their current employer. Having a hand in more than just representing or promoting a client, talent managers are able to pursue royalty collections and payments, maintain investment portfolios, and maximize profits.
Talent managers may be regulated when it comes to seeking out employment for clients. Though this isn’t in every state, many require a talent agent that is licensed to help promote a career. If there is no talent agent to help, these states may require career offers to be considered as introductions to producers and projects.
With this in mind, talent managers often have long-term positions with their clients. Talent agents are hired to help with everyday promotions and seeking out work.
Choosing which representation, you’ll work with may depend on your needs as well as what state you live in. It’s important to review regulations by state so that you won’t be confused about whether or not you can use your talent manager for certain situations.
Having a talent agent or talent manager could be a great way to advance your career. Working with the right representation will be beneficial for you. If you have researched talent agents and managers and would like to have help making the right choice on representation, contact our law firm. Our Wilmington NC entertainment lawyer can help you review the contract you’ll sign. We can also go over entertainment law and regulations that might come into play when working with an agent or manager. Our firm can help ensure you are represented well and have a fair deal to sign. Reviewing the agreement before signing it with an attorney can be beneficial for a variety of reasons, especially if you aren’t familiar with the terminology being used within the contract.
Consulting our Wilmington NC entertainment lawyer can help you sign a deal that is in your best interest. Your career is important. Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime you need to consult about a contract, trademark, or copyright issue or other entertainment law situation. We are here to help.
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