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DWI Statistics and Facts

Lawyer in Raleigh NC: Have You Been Convicted of a DWI? Take a Look at the Facts:

DWI in short means driving while intoxicated. Each year, there are many citizens that find themselves with a DWI. In addition, many of those people were convicted because of a wreck or fatality due to driving while intoxicated.

Lawyer in Raleigh NC | DWI Statistics and Facts

According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 10,322 drunk driving fatalities in 2012 alone. In 2011, there were 9,865. 2012 was the first year in six years to have an increase in drunk driving deaths. The increase was almost five percent. Below, you’ll find a few more DWI statistics and facts, according to NHTSA:

  • Almost every 90 seconds, a person is injured in a drunk driving crash
  • On average, one in three people will be involved in a drunk driving crash in their lifetime.
  • If all 17 million people who admitted to driving drunk had their own state, it would be the fifth largest in the U.S.
  • In the United States, the number of drunk driving deaths has been cut in half since MADD was founded in 1980.
  • Drunk driving costs the United States $132 billion a year.
  • Drunk driving costs each adult in this country almost $500 per year.
  • 50 to 75 percent of convicted drunk drivers continue to drive on a suspended license.
  • An average drunk driver has driven drunk 80 times before first arrest.
  • Adults drove with a BAC above the legal limit approximately 112 million times per year - almost 300,000 incidents of drinking and driving a day.
  • The rate of drunk driving is highest among 21 to 25 year olds (23.4 percent).
  • Only the passage of time will sober a person up. A person should not rely on drinking strong coffee, exercising or taking a cold shower.

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