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Understanding a DWI Charge in North Carolina

DWI Lawyer Raleigh NC: Understanding a DWI Charge in North Carolina is Important

In North Carolina “DWI” refers to driving while impaired. In many other states, the drunk driving law falls under the heading of DUI, driving under the influence; but in North Carolina it is commonly known as driving while impaired. In many other states, a similar law is a DUI, which means driving under the influence. Below, our DWI lawyer in Raleigh NC helps you understand the conviction a little better.
If convicted of a DWI in North Carolina, chances are that your physical and mental abilities were more than somewhat affected by alcohol. In order to be charged with a DWI, or as its most often referred to drunk driving, you may assume that you have to be driving on a road in an actual road-approved vehicle.   As strange as it sounds, that assumption is not exactly correct.
But legally, you could be charged with a DUI even if you were leisurely riding your bike on a sidewalk or driving a four wheeler on a trail. And don’t even think about drunk driving your riding lawnmower to your neighbor’s house.
Driving while under the influence of alcohol is dangerous and can lead to car accidents or worse. To take a look at some of the drinking and driving statistics and facts according to, be sure to visit back with our posts here and here.
While drinking and driving should never occur, Eldreth Law Firm, PLLC understand that mistakes happen. Our DWI lawyer in Raleigh NC can represent you, should you find yourself charged with a DWI. To set up a consultation, feel free to contact us. We will work with you to help you during this difficult legal situation.

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