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Elder Lawyer in Raleigh NC: Financial Planning for Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

Senior Citizens typically face health issues as they age. Although the choice may not be ideal, sometimes a Senior may require assisted living or a nursing home for care. The costs of assisted living and nursing homes have skyrocketed and can costs close to $100,000.00 a year. For an average family, these costs lead to financial problems. Often the Senior and his or her family believe that they must personally pay for these costs. Without help from an Elder Lawyer in Raleigh NC, these costs may be paid through family savings and assets. However, with proper legal planning, government programs may pay for many of these costs. Speaking with an Elder Lawyer in Raleigh NC may limit the costs to a family from assisted living and nursing home expenses.
Often,  Elder Law relates to issues concerning Senior Citizens. These issues typically include:

  1. Finding medical providers that accept Medicare Patients;
  2. Selecting the best Medicare Plan;
  3. Selecting the best Part D drug plan;
  4. Evaluating the appropriate insurances to limit costs and loss of money, including Medicare supplemental insurance, long term care insurance, life insurance, and disability insurance;
  5. Selecting the appropriate retirement community or other retirement living arrangements;
  6. Portfolio management and asset management to protect ones assets;
  7. Selecting and planning for assisted living through Medicaid Application and Special Assistance Application; and
  8. Eligibility for Veteran Affairs Benefits (“VA Pension”) and military service related disabilities.

The above are important considerations for a Senior Citizen and his or her family. Our Elder Lawyer in Raleigh NC is familiar with these issues. He may assist Clients in the appropriate assisted living planning and nursing home planning, as well as Medicaid Application.
For more information regarding Elder Law regarding assisted living, nursing homes, and Medicaid Application, be sure to visit back with your Elder Lawyer in Raleigh NC.
Also, feel free to contact our office to schedule a consultation with us if you are looking for an Elder Lawyer in Raleigh NC. We are here to help you with all your legal matters, whether it be estate planning, trademarking, copyrighting, or Medicaid Issues.

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