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The #1 Reason You Should Hire an Estate Lawyer in Raleigh NC

The #1 Reason You Should Hire an Estate Lawyer in Raleigh NC

Estate planning is complex enough if you understand what it means to have an estate, but if you've never considered what it means to have an estate or don't realize that you have an estate, the concept can be rather confusing. As such, today we''ll discuss what it means to have an estate, what your estate includes, and the #1 reason you should hire an estate lawyer in Raleigh NC.

What is an estate?

An estate typically includes any property you own upon your death. That certainly includes your home, car, boat, and even furniture, but can also include financials such as certain checking and savings accounts, investments, and stocks. As such, if an estate includes any personal belongings you own, it's necessary to create a beneficial estate plan. Furthermore, hiring an estate lawyer in Raleigh NC can make maintaining an estate a whole lot easier as you get older and acquire additional property.

Be in control of who "gets" your estate with an Estate Plan

Almost everyone has an estate when they die. While some estates are large and some are small, should you not have a plan in place, your belongings may be up for grabs or appointed to various entities by the state.

Many people make the mistake of not realizing they will have an estate, which may cause a problem after their death. It's important to remember that you can't take your estate or your belongings with you when you die. Furthermore, while you can verbally tell someone that you want them to have something specific when you pass unless an estate plan is written, those details are lost.

Estate planning with a lawyer in Raleigh NC is something to consider, no matter how old you are. In fact, the #1 reason you should write an estate plan (and hire an estate lawyer in Raleigh NC) is to be in control of who “gets” your estate. Don't let your estate fall into the hands of the government or distant relatives. Be in control of who gets what.

Specific Instructions are Important

If you want to make sure your estate requests are fulfilled, you may need to create specific instructions, declaring who receives what, and so forth.  You may also want to plan out how your estate is handled. Trusting an estate lawyer in Raleigh NC might be beneficial when starting to plan your estate. Remember, sometimes children are young when they experience the loss of a parent. It may be important to plan for their best interests as soon as possible.

Simply, getting your assets in order and deciding who gets what, is part of estate planning. Although it seems perfectly simple, there may be some factors to consider before jumping into planning. For more information on estate planning and how to create a sound plan, check back with us on our next post. We will discuss things that may need to be included in your estate planning and more.

Should you need help with estate planning in Raleigh NC, call Eldreth Law Firm PC . It’s never too early to start estate planning with a lawyer in Raleigh NC! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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