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Estate Lawyer Raleigh NC: Keeping Your Estate Plan Updated

Estate Lawyer Raleigh NC: Revisit your plan!

Estate planning is an important part of life that we’ve talked about regularly on our Eldreth Law Firm, PLLC blog. We’ve gone over the ins and outs of how one should properly plan his or her estate. We’ve also talked on how you may want to proceed with your a will and trusts.
Today, your Estate lawyer from Raleigh, NC would like to talk about a factor of estate planning that often gets neglected.
Updating your estate plan might be one of the most important parts of estate planning, as a whole. Often, a proper estate planning is never finished. There are aspects needing occasional updates or changes, often. With tax laws changing, it’s might be hard to create one estate plan and never look at it again. Potentially updating your estate plan should happen at least once a year. Making the updates can be as simple as calling an attorney, such as Eldreth Law Firm PC , and setting up an appointment to review your estate plan with our estate planning lawyers. Below are a few reasons why one might need to update or change their estate plan.
•A change in net worth. Have you acquired a new business or made major financial changes in your current business?
•Additions to the family. Do you now have children or grandchildren that aren’t considered in your estate plan?
•Guardianship or healthcare wishes has changed. Do you wish to appoint someone else to guardianship or healthcare power of attorney, over you or your children, should it be needed?
•Changes in the tax laws. They are ever changing. Are you keeping up? If not, consider allowing Eldreth Law Firm PC to help.
•Changes in your marital status. Are you newly married or divorced?
•Are you fearful of your child receiving a large sum of money without any restrictions? Would you prefer that money be restricted to education, health, and living expenses?
There are many things you may want to consider when making updates to your estate plan. Frequent changes may even need to be made. To make sure you make appropriate changes, be sure to contact estate planning lawyers at Eldreth Law Firm, PLLC so that we might help you with your changes.
If you’re thinking of starting an estate plan and may need advice with how to start planning, be sure to contact us or visit our website, We’d be happy to help your situation in any way that we can.

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