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A Look at Estate Planning Basics

Estate Lawyers Raleigh NC: Estate Planning Basics

Hello and welcome back! Our lawyer in Raleigh NC are here to continue our discussion of basic estate planning. It’s important to understand estate planning in its entirety and know what all should be included so that your loved ones are able to take care of your estate once you’ve passed
Today we are going to continue taking it back to the basics with estate planning. Our estate lawyers in Raleigh NC are here to help you make sure you start off on the right foot upon once you’ve made the decision to start your estate plan.
Life Insurance
Those that own a home or owe significant estate taxes or debts upon death should consider getting a life insurance policy to ensure that you’re financial affairs are taken care of when you pass. In addition, those that have young children might also consider a life insurance policy.
Final Arrangements | Lawyer in Raleigh NC
It’s important to include your final wishes for your funeral, burial or cremation, whether or not you’d like to be an organ or body donor, and other final arrangements regarding what happens to you when you pass. In addition to making sure you're final arrangements are exactly want you want, it also helps your family and loved ones out. They will have a great deal of grief and sadness to deal with during your passing. To make sure there's nothing else they have to deal with, include your final wishes in your estate plan.
For more information from Eldreth Law Firm, PLLC, estate lawyers in Raleigh NC be sure to visit back with us, soon! As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about your current estate plan.
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