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Estate Planning For Your Young Family

Lawyer in Raleigh NC: It's never too early to start estate planning.

Keeping the family together is the goal of every parent, rich or poor. Sometimes financial situations that arise in the event of the death of a parent can cause family members to face complicated issues. While parents typically hope that their children and grandchildren will live happily together long after they’re gone, our lawyer in Raleigh NC understand, that’s not always the case.
Most often, these complicated family issues come about during the distribution of assets after a parent(s) death.  This situation can be even worse if there’s no estate plan in place to delineate the distribution of assets.
A major concern is often, how do I plan ahead for my child’s future in a way that will keep them from being displeased with the requests?
Below, our estate lawyers in Raleigh NC have put together a few suggestions that might help you plan for your younger generation’s future via estate planning.
RELY ON A PLAN. Having a will put in place for your children or grandchildren is essential. If you’re unsure how your children will feel about the decisions you’ve made within your will or plan, remember one thing; focus on planning their long-term financial future. Consider college funds, tax savings, and investment choices. Don’t leave anything out.
Including Children: It’s beneficial to include children as young as 15 in family meetings. This may allow them to better understand how, as well as why, decisions are made regarding their future.
Giving them a voice during important decisions, such as estate planning, can be scary but may show children that they are important. It may also help them understand the entire process before a life changing event such as the untimely death of a parent occurs.
For more information on dealing with estate planning to provide for younger children and their future, be sure to visit back with our lawyer in Raleigh, soon. We will continue our discussion, as well as offer tips on how to help your children understand their inheritance.

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