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Estate Planning Checklist for Beginners, Part Four

Welcome back. Are you ready to continue learning about estate planing in Raleigh NC and what should be included in yours if you’re just beginning to draft this important document? Today we are going to discuss Power of Attorney.

Power of Attorney | Estate Planning in Raleigh NC

Power of Attorney – A Will is often thought of as the most important part of an estate plan. In many cases, a Power of Attorney is just as important, if not more so. Financial affairs must be dealt with no matter what situation you find yourself in. Incapacitation and death are no exception.
It's important to establish a Power of Attorney to take over your finances in the event that you become physically or mentally incapacitated. Not having this piece of an estate plan in place can lead to a court hearing, extra expenses and frustration on behalf of your loved ones.
Before appointing your Power of Attorney, it's important to talk with our lawyers about estate planning in Raleigh NC to make sure your candidate meets all the requirements and can be trusted with your affairs.

Eldreth Law Firm, PLLC | Estate Planning in Raleigh NC

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about estate planning. Also contact our lawyer in Raleigh NC to schedule a consultation if you have yet to start estate planning. It's never too early to make plans for your wishes upon death. In addition, our attorney in Raleigh NC is here to help you with all your legal matters, whether it be estate planning, trademarking, copyrighting, or DWI issues.
For more information on basic estate planning in Raleigh NC, be sure to visit back with us soon! If you have questions about the information you’ve received here contact us. We are here to help. Also check with other blog posts in this series below:

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