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Estate Planning Checklist for Beginners, Part Two

Welcome back! Our attorney in Raleigh NC is here today to talk more about estate planning and how important it is for beginners. There’s a lot to cover, so be sure to continue checking back with other blogs in this series to learn more! Below, you’ll find two essential parts of an estate plan that beginners should add to the checklist.

Beginner's Checklist | Attorney in Raleigh NC

Living Will – One of the most important documents in an estate plan, there are many reasons why you need a Living Will.
A Living Will is simply designed to allow an individual to address questions that deal with life ending situations and whether or not they want to endure life sustaining procedures, in the event that they become critically incapacitated.
If you're ready to start planning a Living Will, be sure to contact our attorney in Raleigh NC. We are here to help you get your Living Will documented and limit any issues when it comes to stipulating your wishes.
Health Care Power of Attorney – Should you fall ill or become seriously injured in a way that causes you to be unable to make medical decisions for yourself, it might be best to select a family member or loved one to help make medical decisions for you.
Oftentimes, a spouse, friend, or other family member are among those chosen to hold a health care power of attorney. A Health Care Power of Attorney is very different from a Power of Attorney. While it might be beneficial for you to have both, making sure you at least have a Health Care Power of Attorney appointed is recommended.
You might need someone to make decisions for you when you can't do it yourself.  We don't always think about illnesses and injuries happening to us, but they can happen to anyone at any time. It might be a good idea to think about having a Health Care Power of Attorney put in place soon.
Remember, for more information on basic estate planning from our attorney in Raleigh NC, be sure to visit back with us soon! If you have questions about the information you’ve received here contact us. We are here to help. Also check with other blog posts in this series, below:

Eldreth Law Firm | Attorney in Raleigh NC

Regardless of whether you're married, single, wealthy, childless or a parent, it's important for all adults to have an estate plan and the proper documents in place at the beginning of each year. If you're ready to begin planning your estate contact our attorney in Raleigh NC today.

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