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Estate Planning for Beginners: Do I Need an Attorney?

Our guide for beginners is covering the basics of estate planning. We have explained what an estate plan is and what it should include, now let’s discuss another important aspect of estate planning. If you have decided that you do want to create an estate plan, you may be wondering if you need an estate planning attorney in Cary NC. It is up to you to decide if you need one, but you should consider a few things first.
An estate plan can consist of several legal documents that must adhere to your state’s laws. Many people turn to do-it-yourself wills or other kits that will allow you to create one on your own. They may work for someone people, but you will need to see if it will provide everything you need for your situation. Many DIY kits are generic and may not address issues that you may need covered in your estate plan.

Do I Need an Estate Planning Attorney in Cary NC?

There are specific state laws that outline what should be included in an estate plan, and what cannot be covered. A lawyer who handles estate planning will be knowledgeable in these laws and can offer help in areas that may not seem clear to you. One wrong phrase or a signature that was left off can make your documents void in the eyes of the courts. You do not want to cause your family more worry and distress during an already difficult time by leaving them to deal with an invalid estate plan.
Many people have complex financial affairs because of assets such as property or businesses that are co-owned, or because of personal situations such as blended families. If one or more of the following situations, found in our next blog post, applies to you, you may benefit from having an estate planning attorney in Cary NC to help draft your estate plan. Be sure to visit back with our blog, soon.
An estate planning attorney in Cary NC who knows about estate planning will be able to review your situation and provide the best solutions that will meet your needs and will also be legally sound. He or she may also suggest other things that you may not have considered before, such as creating a durable power of attorney or a healthcare directive to give guidance in situations where you may not be able to make decisions on your own anymore. There are many facets to an estate plan. Eldreth Law Firm can talk with you about your situation and help guide you in creating a plan that meets your needs. Contact us, today.
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