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Estate Planning for Beginners: Updates

Now that your estate plan is complete and secure, do not forget that it may need changes down the road. Things in your life may change that may require updates to your plan. If you get married or divorced, remarry, have children or have another major life event occur, you will need to update your estate plan to reflect those changes.

Making Updates to Your Estate Plan | Probate Lawyer in Cary NC

Other changes involving finances, including large purchase or sales, or new business ventures, may need to be accounted for and revised in your plan.
Do not forget to update your retirement accounts and insurance policies to match the beneficiaries designated in your will. If the names differ, the one on the actual policy or account will override what you have in your estate plan.
Also keep in mind who you have designated as a trustee or executor may change over time. That person may become incapable of carrying out your wishes, or he or she may pass away. You may also choose to change your beneficiaries. You may not change your will on a whim the way it is sometimes portrayed on television among bickering family members, but there could be changes in relationships that will make you want to change your designations.
We hope this series for estate planning for beginners was helpful. There are many facets to an estate plan, so if you still have questions, our probate lawyer in Cary NC can help determine what will work best for you.
Eldreth Law Firm | Probate Lawyer in Cary NC
If you don’t have an estate plan in place or haven’t reviewed yours in several years, now might be the best time to start. Our probate lawyer in Cary NC is here to help you get your estate planning in order and ready should you pass in an untimely manner or become incapacitated at some point. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to an estate plan. Contact our office.
As always, feel free to contact us at our office to schedule a consultation with if you are looking for a lawyer to represent you in other legal matters. We are here to assist you with small business needs, trademarking, copyrighting and  DWI issues.
Contact our office, today to make an appointment to speak with our probate lawyer in Cary NC. Don't wait to start your estate planning!
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