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Estate Planning for Incapacitation, Part Two

Welcome back! our estate planning attorney Cary NC is back with more information regarding estate planning and incapacitation. This is a subject that we rarely think about. One, because it's hard to assume it could happen to us. Two, it's just a difficult situation to think about. Being incapacitated means that we are unable to make decisions for ourselves due to an issue such as a medical problem, injury or decline in mental capacity. However, as difficult as it is, it's important to plan for this situation so that you have someone that's able to make decisions for you.

Estate Planning Attorney in Cary NC Talks Incapacitation

Below, you'll find important information to consider adding to your estate plan so that you are covered and cared for in the event that you do become incapacitated.
One of the most important documents needed to ensure that you can properly plan for incapacitation is a durable power of attorney. This document will be beneficial in the various situations. When it comes to incapacity, this document will designate one person to make decisions regarding your financials. It is important to select someone to be a durable power of attorney that you trust. This could be an adult child, spouse or other loved one that will act on your behalf in situations where financial affairs should be taken care of.
Working with an estate planning attorney in Cary NC will be beneficial in the situation. They can help you not only select a great trustee, but also make decisions based on trusts. Some individuals prefer to go with a revocable living trust, others prefer an air revocable trust. Each one is used for different reasons. If you're interested in learning more, contact our estate planning attorney.
If you're ready to learn more about incapacitation and estate planning, be sure to visit our next blog post. There, our estate attorney in Cary NC will offer more things to consider.
An estate planning attorney in Cary NC will be able to review your situation and provide the best solutions that will meet your needs and will also be legally sound. We may also suggest other things that you may not have considered before. This might include creating a durable power of attorney or a healthcare directive. These documents can give guidance in situations where you may not be able to make decisions on your own anymore. There are many facets to an estate plan. Eldreth Law Firm can talk with you about your situation and help guide you in creating a plan that meets your needs. Contact us, today.
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