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Estate Planning For Seniors

Estate Planning in Raleigh for Seniors

Estate planning in Raleigh is important. It's no secret that we've stated this before. While it’s never too soon to create an estate plan, it’s also never too late to make sure you have a basic estate plan in place and ready for use. Below, you’ll find a few items that seniors might need to include in their estate plan.

Your estate plan should include a documented copies of the following:

  • Will
  • Living Trust
  • Trust
  • Full list of all assets and possessions that have monetary value
  • Documents of discussions you have with your estate lawyer in Raleigh NC
  • Named Power of Attorney to make decisions if you become incapacitated
  • Named medical Power of Attorney
  • Instruction on how to distribute your assets
  • Named guardian for underage children

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In our next post, we will discuss estate planning in Raleigh further, including your digital footprint in an estate plan and how to make sure that your family has the necessary information to close or transfer accounts when the time comes.

For more information on estate planning in Raleigh or to get started making plans for your estate,  contact Eldreth Law Firm, PLLC.

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