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Estate Planning Tasks You Should Do This Year, Part Three

Estate planning is something we all dread thinking about. However, it is something that should be considered carefully and completely. Otherwise, you may pass without a plan, or with one that is considered invalid because you failed to make updates throughout your lifetime. Over the course of the past few blogs, our estate planning attorney in Cary NC has been talking about things that should be considered this year. Choosing to update or start planning might be a great goal for yourself before the end of the year is upon us. Below, you’ll find a few tips on tasks you might want to do in 2017.

Estate Planning Attorney in Cary NC Talks Estate Planning Tasks for this Year!

Take a look at federal laws and gifts, and how they’ve changed. Sometimes, if you aren’t up-to-date on them, you might miss out on an opportunity that could work to your advantage. In 2012, things changed greatly. If you haven’t updated your estate plan since then, contact our estate planning attorney in Cary NC. We can help you make decisions and inform you of new or changed tax laws that you might want to consider.
Tax-free gift options also change at times. Keeping up with these gift options can help when an estate reduction might be needed. You’ll be able to offer children and grandchildren a tax free gift, up to a certain amount. Talk with our estate planning attorney in Cary NC to learn more. You may even want to consider an unlimited charitable, medical expense, or tuition donation given directly to the organization of your choice.
We hope this information helps you better understand estate planning and why you might need to start planning or make a few revisions this year. For more information, be sure to visit back with our next blog post. Also, contact our estate planning attorney in Cary NC if you need further assistance at any point.
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