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Estate Planning Tips That Make Things Easier for Your Family

Estate planning can be overwhelming. However, with a few easy tips, you should be able to get started quickly without any setbacks. Working with an estate lawyer in Cary NC can also help you make sure you are including important documents, details and other information that might be needed in the event of your death.

Tips for Easy Estate Planning | Estate Lawyer Cary NC

Below, you will find several questions you might want to ask yourself upon beginning your planning. Even those who already have an estate plan in place might want to take a look at these questions to make sure everything is ready to use. If you have any additional questions after reading this information, feel free to contact our lawyers. We are here to help you with all your needs.
In the event of your death, who should be notified? Aside from immediate family and friends, you might have a list of people you like to be notified. These could include work colleagues, business partners or other professionals. In addition, you may have other individuals within your network who should be notified. Make a list of everyone, including friends, family and other loved ones so that there won’t be any question about his notified of your death. This will give you a sound mind now so that in this event, your loved ones won’t have to try to figure out who should be notified.
What type of funeral or celebration of life would you like to have? Sometimes, personal preference is very. Some people may choose to have a traditional funeral, our church and others may opt for a celebration of life memorial service. Either way, the choice is yours to make. However, leaving your wishes within your statement is a great way to make sure your family knows exactly what you like to happen. You might also consider leaving directions of whom you’d like to attend, where the service should be held, as well as whether not you like people to send flowers or donate to a specific charity. Your family will be a great way to make sure they won’t be overwhelmed or concerned with making the right decision for you.
Do you own real estate? If so, how much? Do you know where the deeds are? These questions will be asked by a lawyer if you choose to work with one, as well as by your family in the event of your death. To make it easy for them, leave this information within your estate plan. That way, there won’t be any question about the type of real estate owned, where it is and where the deeds to these properties are located.
If you're ready to learn more about how you can make things easier for your family in the event of your death, be sure to visit back soon. Our next blog will offer more tips.
Estate Lawyer Cary NC
If you are considering naming your estate the beneficiary for a policy or account, consider that it may have to go through probate court before it is distributed. There may also be tax consequences that can decrease the payout. Consult with an estate lawyer in Cary NC before making that type of designation.
When filling out your policies, make sure that you read the instructions to ensure that you are filling out the forms correctly. If you have questions, a lawyer with experience in estate planning can help answer them. Eldreth Law Firm's estate lawyer in Cary NC can help you with planning needs. Call now to learn more.
Also, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about estate planning. Contact our estate lawyer to schedule a consultation if you have yet to start estate planning. It's never too early to make plans for your wishes upon death. In addition, our attorney is here to help you with all your legal matters, whether it be estate planning, trademarking, copyrighting, or DWI issues.

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