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Estate Planning Tips for Those Just Starting Out

Tips for Estate Planning in Raleigh NC!

Do you have an estate plan? If not, there are a few things that are important beginning steps. Our estate planning lawyer is going to map out a few guidelines that will help you get your estate planning in Raleigh NC underway.
For help with estate planning, it is suggested that you work with an estate planning lawyer in Raleigh NC, so that you can create a proper, foundational estate plan. This foundational plan will consist of a few important documents. Below, you’ll find a list of those suggested documents.
A List of Current Assets and Liabilities
Once you’ve compiled this list, your estate planning lawyer will be able to determine your current net worth. The list should include all belongings that have value, real estate, monies owed, etc. According to, “Your list of assets and liabilities will also indicate if your loved ones will have any difficulty paying the debts after your death.”
If there might be a problem with the financial burdens you’ll be leaving behind, your estate planning lawyer might offer a few suggestions and options that can help alleviate the financial burden from your loved ones.
Distribution of Assets
When determining your beneficiaries and who will inherit your assets, an important consideration in estate planning is when a beneficiary predeceases you. It can be a good idea to make a list of all of your loved ones, before determining what each person will inherit. It’s also a good idea to include charities or religious organizations in this list, as well, if you’re planning to bequeath any donations.
Estate Planning | Attorney in Raleigh NC
Estate planning in Raleigh NC  is an important part of life that often gets neglected. Let our attorney in Raleigh NC help you get your estate plan going so that you don’t leave your loved ones in a bind after you’re gone. For more information, contact our office.
Also, be sure to visit back with  our attorney in Raleigh, soon. In our next post, we will continue the list of documents that you should compile during your first stages of estate planning in Raleigh NC.

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