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Estate Planning Tips

Estate Planning in Raleigh NC | Tips

In many previous posts, our estate planning attorney has talked about the importance of making sure you have an estate plan established and updated, year-round. Estate planning in Raleigh NC is one of the most important things you can do for your loved ones to ensure that the government won’t choose where your possessions go after you’ve passed on.
In addition, it’s important to understand that those who haven’t created an estate plan can easily get started with help from an attorney.
Once you’ve decided to start an estate plan, met with an attorney and begun the planning process, there are often questions about what happens next. Should you tell your family about the estate plan? Should the estate plan be kept a secret? How often should it be updated with new information?
Your estate plan is a private matter that should be treated seriously. While it’s your choice who you tell about it, it’s often good to tell close loved ones. It’s also a good idea to tell those that are going to be faced with handling your financials in the event of your death or incapacitation. You won’t have to disclose all of the details to them, but letting them know that there is a plan in place and that they’re a part of it might be best.
Keeping your estate plan a total secret among loved ones could cause a serious problem when it comes to light after you’re unable to deal with or answer questions they might have. Many times, family members have questions like: “Why was the estate plan done this way?” “Why were those representatives chosen?” “Why was a trust put in place?”
Being upfront and honest about your estate plan and why you chose to do the things you’ve done might be easier for your loved ones in the long run. It may cut out confusion, frustration or challenges in the future. And, as we mentioned above, telling loved ones about the estate plan doesn’t have to include your net worth or what beneficiaries will be receiving.
For more information on this matter and for help deciding whether or not you should tell your loved ones about your estate planning in Raleigh NC, visit back with us on our next blog post.
If you have any questions about estate planning, feel free to contact Eldreth Law Firm, PLLC. Our attorney in Raleigh NC is here to help you with all your estate planning needs.

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