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Family Law Part 4 – Adoption

In our previous post we talked in detail about family law and the various branches that are involved in family law. Today, our attorney in Raleigh NC is going to continue our discussion with  the different types of adoption. There is a significant difference between the two. Which you choose depends on the parents, and situations involved with each parent.

Adoption | Child Custody Lawyer in Raleigh NC

For those that are excited to raise a child without feeling the need to have any genetic link to the actual child, adoption might be a great option. There are many children in the world in need of a family. Deciding if adoption is right for you can be a complex decision. There are many different options. Choosing a public or private adoption is among those decisions.

  • A public adoption means that you’ll work with the state or county government to gain legal custody of a foster care child.
  • A private adoption is the process of working with private adoption agencies that will assist you in a domestic or international child adoption.

Both types of adoption have completely different processes and it might be best to work with a child custody lawyer in Raleigh NC as you make the decision on which is best for you. Understanding family law and all that goes with it can be complicated and confusing. For more information, visit with our other blog posts in this series, below:

Eldreth Law Firm PC | Child Custody Lawyer in Raleigh NC
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