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How to Deal with Problems with Your Lawyer

Have you ever dealt with an issue concerning your lawyer in Cary NC? If so, we have a few tips that might help.

Dealing with Problems | Lawyer in Cary NC

Conflict can occur in any situation. When it comes to working with your lawyer in Cary NC, you hope that it will not happen, but it can. Your relationship with your lawyer is a two-way street. You both must know how to work with each other, what expectations you have, and have a clear understanding of your mutual goal. When those elements aren’t in place, problems can arise. Personalities can also cause clients and attorneys to clash. That is why it is important to feel comfortable with each other from the start and trust your instincts if you feel it will not be a good working relationship.
If you have already started working on a case or a project with your attorney and do not have the time or resources to find another one, but you are having problems, you may be able to find a solution for now.
Communication, or lack thereof, can cause a problem. If you feel you are not getting a prompt response when you call or email, send a letter outlining your concerns. Once you talk with him or her, ask when you should expect replies to your questions in the future and how you should go about contacting the office. It could be a matter of miscommunication about response time that could be causing, well, your communication problems.
We hope these tips help you communicate with your lawyer in Cary NC if you have any issues. Need a new lawyer? Contact us, as well!
Eldreth Law Firm | Lawyer in Cary NC
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