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Importance of a Living Will

If you become incapacitated and cannot make your own decisions regarding your medical care, who will do it on your behalf? If you have a living will, you can name someone to ensure that you receive the healthcare you want without having to place the burden on someone else.

Living Will | Estate Attorney in Cary NC

A living will is a type of advance directive that includes written legal instructions explaining your desired medical care if you become unable to make your own decisions. They can help guide the choices your loved ones, caregivers and doctors will have to make for you.
Many people believe that a living will only instructs medical staff to withhold treatment for people who do not want care if they become ill. That is not the case these days. In the early days of living wills, they were mainly created for terminally ill people who did not want life support or to be resuscitated, but now they cover specific procedures as well as instructions on organ donation.
Another misconception is that living wills are only for older people or people with terminal diseases, but everyone is at risk of dealing with an end-of-life decision. Anyone can benefit from a living will if he or she has strong beliefs about medical care. It can also help ease the burden loved ones or family members may face when trying to decide what choice to make.
To learn more about living wills and how to deal with end-of-life decision making, visit back with our next blog post, soon.

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