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More Interesting Estate Planning Facts and Information

Are you ready to learn more about interesting estate planning facts and other information that can help you through the difficult times in creating your will? If so, our estate lawyers in Cary NC are back with more. We know how hard it is to get through estate planning with a happy mindset. When planning for a future, after you've passed on, it can often become sad and overwhelming. However, when you read through these interesting facts, it can help you get through this time and remember that you're doing a favor to your loved ones by getting your plan set and ready in the event that it's needed.

Interesting Facts About Estate Planning | Estate Lawyers in Cary NC

  • Some of our previous presidents of the United States have passed away without leaving an estate plan behind. These presidents died intestate. Those presidents were James Garfield, Andrew Johnson, Ulysses S Grant and Abraham Lincoln. Two of these four were assassinated during their presidency.
  • Roman empires began using estate plans soon after they realized Egyptians were doing so. Roman law required specifics to be met for those who wanted to create an estate plan. Those that did not meet the requirements were not able to have a valid last will and testament.
  • People have been creating estate plans for centuries. In the 19th century, archaeologists on earth hieroglyphics that were written to express the last wishes for two Egyptian brothers in 1800 BC. The plan listed guardianships, inheritance wishes and other things that are similar to our estate plans today.
  • In 1796, John Adams, the second president appointed in the United States, past our first estate tax. Because there was a conflict with France, this tax was created because of the quasi-war. The Navy was not as strong as it needed to be at the time so the president plan to use the money from the tax to strengthen the Navy and purchase more ships.

If you missed our previous blog, be sure to check back here for more facts that can help you with estate planning. Our estate lawyers in Cary NC are also here to talk with you, as well. Don't hesitate to call when you need help.

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No matter if you're married, single, wealthy, a parent, it's important for all adults to have an estate plan and the proper documents in place at the beginning of each year. If you failed to do that at the beginning of this year or need to update due to a situation change, please feel free to contact our estate lawyers in Cary NC, today to get started with your plan.
Always feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about estate planning. Just call and schedule a consultation if you have yet to start estate planning. It's never too early to make plans for your wishes upon death. In addition, our attorney is here to help you with all your legal matters, whether it be estate planning, trademarking, copyrighting, or DWI issues.

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