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Lawyers Can Help in the Entertainment Industry, Part Three

Are you interested in learning more about entertainment law and when you might need to hire an attorney to help? If so, we have more information for you. If you missed previous blogs in this series, be sure to visit with them below!

Entertainment Industry | Lawyer Raleigh NC

A lawyer in Raleigh NC can aid when entertainers need help with negotiations for licensing a creative work for use in movies, television, commercials or video games in order to profit from and protect the work or brand. Below, you'll find even more ways they can help. 

  • A producer or company might need help when hoping to include someone else’s work within their own. An attorney can help ensure that all laws are followed when negotiating this situation.
  • A production company may need the advice of an entertainment attorney when it comes to Screen Actors Guild (SAG) compliance. This group establishes the working conditions and pay for hired actors and musicians.
  • Some entertainment attorneys may develop relationships with managers, publicists and studios in order to stay abreast of trends so that they can have a stronger knowledge of industry standards and get the best deals for their clients.
  • Entertainment attorneys may also represent clients who have lawsuits or want to pursue a suit against someone. These cases can include copyright infringement, licensing issues, or defamation.
  • People in the entertainment industry are susceptible to defamation cases in which someone speaks falsely in order to damage another person’s image.
  • If someone has defamed you, or if you are the person being sued for defamation, an entertainment attorney can help you consider all options in every aspect of the industry.

We hope this information helps you better understand entertainment law and when you may need the assistance of a lawyer in Raleigh NC. Call now to learn more.
If you're interested in speaking with our attorney about entertainment law and other things that go along with it, consider contacting us. We are here to help.

An entertainment attorney could be beneficial for your career. We can help with any legal problems that you might encounter. While, it’s our hope that legal issues never arise, in some cases, they may be unavoidable. Seeking the guidance of our law office may help you avoid a greater legal problem in the future. Call now to make an appointment to speak with our lawyer in Raleigh NC.

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