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More Legal Abbreviations to Know

Welcome back! Our wills lawyer in Cary NC is back with more abbreviations you can learn to help you understand legal documents better. If you missed our previous blog, check it out to learn more.

Legal Abbreviations | Wills Lawyer Cary NC

  • Δ : Greek letter delta: Defendant
  • Reg. : sometimes FR: Federal Register
  • R. Evid. : sometimes FRE: Federal Rules of Evidence
  • R. Crim. P.: Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
  • R. Civ. P.: sometimes FRCP : Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
  • R. Bankr. P.: Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure
  • Cas.: Federal Cases 1789–1880
  • App'x: Federal Appendix
  • 3d: Federal Reporter, 3rd Series
  • 2d: Federal Reporter, 2nd Series
  • FR: Federal Reporter
  • Supp.: Federal Supplement
  • Supp. 2d: Federal Supplement, 2nd Series
  • et als.: Latin for "and others".
  • ER: Employer
  • EE: Employee
  • DAC: Days After Contract
  • d/b/a doing business as
  • Cxl: Constitutional
  • Cx-C: Cross-claim
  • Cx: Constitution
  • Cl.: the United States Court of Federal Claims Reporter
  • CRS: Congressional Research Service
  • Rec.: Congressional Record
  • CNeg: Contributory negligence
  • CL: Common law
  • CJS: Corpus Juris Secundum
  • CIF: Coming into force
  • CFR: Call for Response
  • CE: Collateral estoppel
  • CD: Closing disclosure
  • CCR: California Code of Regulations
  • CCH: Commerce Clearing House
  • C-C: Counterclaim
  • CC: Commerce Clause
  • cc.: Chapters
  • CBJ: California Bar journal
  • CB: Casebook
  • Code: California Code
  • Code Reg.: California Code of Regulations
  • CA: Class action
  • CA Fed.: Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
  • CA #: Court of Appeals
  • F.R.: Code of Federal Regulations
  • c.: Chapter
  • BR or B/R: Bankruptcy
  • BFP: Bona fide purchaser
  • A.P.: Bankruptcy Appellate Panel
  • Atty: Attorney
  • ATS: At the suit of
  • Asap: As soon as possible
  • Art: Article
  • Code: Arkansas Code
  • Rev. Stat.: Arizona Revised Statutes
  • Admin. Reg.: Arizona Administrative Register
  • Admin. Code: Arizona Administrative Code
  • Anor: Another
  • Jur.: American Jurisprudence
  • Jur. 2d.: American Jurisprudence, 2nd Series
  • All ER: All England Law Reports
  • Alaska Stat.: Alaska Statutes
  • Alaska Admin. Code: Alaska Administrative Code
  • Code: Code of Alabama 1975 : not official
  • Admin. Code: Alabama Administrative Code
  • ads., adsm.: ad sectam: Latin , at the suit of.
  • ACC: Association of Corporate Counsel
  • ABA: American Bar Association
  • L.R.6th: American Law Reports, 6th Series
  • L.R.5th: American Law Reports, 5th Series
  • L.R.4th: American Law Reports, 4th Series
  • L.R.3d: American Law Reports, 3rd Series
  • L.R.2d: American Law Reports, 2nd Series
  • L.R.: American Law Reports
  • L.R. Fed.: American Law Reports, Federal
  • 2d: Atlantic Reporter, 2nd Series
  • A.: Atlantic Reporter

We hope these terms help you work well with your wills lawyer in Cary NC and help you better understand legal documents you may need to review. To learn more, visit with our previous blog.
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