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Legal Abbreviations to Know

Working with a probate lawyer in Cary NC on any type of estate planning document or other legal sitaution might lead to you not understanding certain terms within documents. Here, you'll find a list of abbreviations used in legal documents that can help you work better with your lawyer.

Abbreviations to Know | Probate Lawyer Cary NC

  • Π: Greek letter Pi: Plaintiff
  • XXN: Cross examination
  • XN: Examination in Chief
  • WTO: World Trade Organization
  • Va. Code: West Virginia Code: not official
  • v: versus.
  • UST: United States Treaties and Other International Agreements
  • USCS: United States Code Service
  • USCCAN: United States Code Congressional and Administrative News
  • USCA: United States Code Annotated
  • USC: United States Code
  • UPC: Uniform Probate Code
  • UCMJ: Uniform Code of Military Justice
  • UCC: Uniform Commercial Code
  • S.: United States Reports
  • ™ or TM: Trademark
  • D.: Treasury Decision
  • C.: Reported decisions of the United States Tax Court
  • : United States Statutes at Large
  • or §§: Sections
  • SOR: Statutory Orders and Regulations
  • SOL: Statute of Limitations
  • : Southern Reporter
  • 2d: Southern Reporter, 2nd Series
  • SMJ: Subject-matter jurisdiction
  • SI: Statutory instruments
  • sd: said
  • SCOTUS: Supreme Court of the United States
  • S/J: Summary judgment
  • W.3d: South Western Reporter, 3rd Series
  • W.2d: South Western Reporter, 2nd Series
  • W.: South Western Reporter
  • E.2d: South Eastern Reporter, 2nd Series
  • E.: South Eastern Reporter
  • C.R.: also SCR: Supreme Court Reports
  • or §: Section
  • Ct.: Supreme Court Reporter
  • Rul.: Revenue Ruling
  • Proc.: Revenue Procedure
  • R: Rex or Regina
  • I.A.A.: Reports of International Arbitral Awards
  • E. or R/E: Real Estate
  • R J: Recurring Judgement
  • QDRO: Qualified Domestic Relations Order
  • L.: Public Law
  • : Pages
  • PL: Public Law
  • 3d: Pacific Reporter, 3rd Series
  • 2d: Pacific Reporter, 2nd Series
  • : Page
  • : Pacific Reporter
  • : Number
  • NGO: Non-Government Organization
  • NDA: Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • n/k/a: Now Known As
  • W.2d: North Western Reporter, 2nd Series
  • W.: North Western Reporter
  • E.2d: North Eastern Reporter, 2nd Series
  • E.: North Eastern Reporter
  • MSJ: Motion for Summary Judgment
  • MPC: Model Penal Code
  • MOU: Memorandum of Understanding
  • MIL: Motion in limine
  • LLP: Limited liability partnership
  • LLC: Limited liability company
  • L/C: Letter of credit
  • Ed: Lawyers' Edition
  • Ed.2d: Lawyers 2nd Edition
  • K: Contract
  • Jx : Jurisdiction
  • JU: disposed of by Judge
  • JNOV: Judgment notwithstanding the verdict
  • JMOL: Judgment as a matter of law
  • JJ: Judges or Justices, plural
  • J: Judge or Justice, according to the jurisdiction
  • ISLN: International Standard Lawyer Number
  • IRC: Internal Revenue Code
  • IRB: Internal Revenue Bulletin
  • IR: Irish Law Reports
  • ILRM: Irish Law Reports Monthly
  • ILRM: Irish Law Reports Monthly
  • L.M.: International Legal Materials
  • HDC: Holder in due course
  • GVR: Grant, Vacate, and Remand
  • GC: General Counsel
  • GATT: General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
  • ¶ : Pilcrow — Paragraph

We hope this information helps! Be sure to check back soon for more information that can help you, as well.

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